Local Plans and Strategies

Bundaberg Regional Sport and Recreation Strategy

The Regional Sport and Recreation Strategy will guide how Bundaberg Regional Council plans, delivers and supports sport and recreation opportunities for residents and the community. 

This Strategy identifies the highest priorities for action and how Council can support community groups to continue their important role in delivering sport and recreation opportunities.

The Strategy establishes region-wide priorities and supports broad-based sport and active recreation participation that use Council's existing resources effectively.

Some of the key region-wide recommendations of the Strategy include:

  • Develop a Sport and Recreation Advisory Group (Established in 2012)
  • Create local environments that support active, healthy communities and lifestyles
  •  Promotion of Council’s parks and walk-cycle networks, and
  • Education, Training and Club Development program (e.g., Modern Club Management).

Bundaberg Regional Sport and Recreation Strategy


Wide Bay Burnett Regional Recreation and Sport Strategy

Over the next 25 years, the Wide Bay Burnett is expecting a population increase in the order of 180,000 people and it is important that the lifestyle infrastructure is in place to support this population. In supporting the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan, this Strategy seeks to identify the region’s recreation and sport requirements for the future.

The identification of these needs will assist Councils within the Region (Bundaberg, Fraser Coast, Gympie, North Burnett and South Burnett Regional Councils and Cherbourg Aboriginal Council) to plan for future land and facility provision in areas that will have the population to sustain them.
This Strategy focuses on a range of regional level sport and recreation facilities (not local level and not State or higher level facilities). 

Regional, as used in this Strategy, means serving the needs of the Wide Bay Burnett or a significant proportion of it.


Wide Bay Burnett Regional Recreation and Sport Strategy