Resources to Support Modern Sports and Recreation Organisations

A range of resources are made available here for our regions vibrant Sport and Recreation Sector. Comprised of committed and enthusiastic volunteers who are the backbone of our successul and diverse regoinal sporting and recreation clubs these resources offer state of the art information resources to support the modern sports club volunteer.

Modern Club Management

In this ever-changing environment, community organisations are constantly required to deliver higher level of outcomes, which on the surface appear daunting to the volunteer committee and board members.

The Modern Club Management Kit provides a way of ensuring that clubs are driving their organisations in a sustainable direction. The kit will make managing easier when long-term members retire from committee positions and all clubs should consider having their own kit. The kit will give volunteer based organisations a much needed, relevant and helpful guide.

The Kit provides an introductory DVD and 7 CD's covering all aspects of Modern Club Management from volunteer recruitment and training and committee management practices to how organisations can decrease exposure to risk. The Kit is a free resource for registered community, sporting and recreation organisations.

Ensure success - With the new financial pressures of public liability, organisations like yours need to continually improve the management of legal responsibilities, service delivery and the decision making process to ensure the longevity of your organisation. In the past, volunteers have been the backbone of your organisation and your success and failings can be directly attributed to their performance.

Manuals & templates - As such these manuals with supporting templates and samples will systematically take your organisation through the steps that will improve governance, committee development and the volunteer management process and reduce your organisation’s exposure to risk.

The material in the kit is provided as a GUIDE ONLY to help community organisations avoid reinventing the wheel, as well as to help them manage their most valuable resource: Volunteers.

Users are required to adapt and modify the tools and information provided to meet their own specific needs.

How do I obtain a copy of the Modern Club Management Kit for my Group?

To register for an introductory DVD and full kit contact the Sport and Recreation Section on 1300 883 699 or email: Sport and Rec Subject line: Register for Modern Club Management Kit.

How to Provide Better Access for Sport

If you are a Sporting club or coordinate a recreation facility you may benefit from knowing how to provide better access for all to your club or facility. The Institute of Access Training Australia (IATA) offer a series of access guides to provide helpful tips on a range of topics related to improving access for all.  Council’s Sport and Recreation team have obtained a small quantity of handbooks within the access series entitled: “How to provide better access to Sporting Clubs and Recreation Facilities”.

If you are interested in supporting your sports club or recreational facility to become more accessible to everyone, the handbook is an invaluable guide.  The Guide sets out valuable information; relevant and current legislative requirements are outlined and common sense information for improving access complete with user friendly checklists. A publications reference page and a list of useful websites where additional information can be sought relating to issues of access are also incorporated in the handbook.

To check if you are eligible and obtain a copy of the access guide contact the Sport and Recreation team on 1300 883 699 or email

Healthy Choices Catering Resource Kit for Community and Sporting Groups

A Healthy Choices Catering Kit for Sporting and Community Organisations has been developed for our community groups to help make "the healthy choice the easy choice". If you are responsible for any sort of sport canteen or catering for a sporting or community event you are encouraged to access the FREE USB resource from Council’s Sport and Recreation Team. The resource comes complete with full Healthy Choices Catering Guidelines Booklet and Healthy recipe suggestions.

Access the Guidelines Booklet here or register for the full USB Resource Kit by contacting the Sport & Recreation Team on 1300 883 699 or email.

All Abilities Sports Equipment Kit

The All Abilities Sports Equipment Kit is an inclusive games program designed to create supportive opportunities for people of all ages and ability.
Sports and Community groups are eligible to loan this kit for short term loan at no cost. To book this free community resource or for further information please Email: Sport and Rec or phone 1300 883 699.

Disaster and Recovery Plan for Community, Sport and Recreation Organisations

Planning is an important part of the success of any organisation – the sporting and recreation sector are no different. Planning and preparation for Natural Disasters makes good sense.  Council’s Sport and Recreation and Disaster Management teams have collaborated to develop a Disaster Recovery template suitable for use by Community, Sport and Recreation Organisations.

The Purpose of the Plan is to outline the arrangements to assist any Sport and Recreation Club to be prepared for and able to respond quickly to disasters.

The Plan outlines:

  • What types of disasters are likely to impact the organisation, how likely they are to occur and what the impacts are likely to be;
  • What can be done before to help the organisation prepare for a disaster;
  • What an organisation needs to do during a disaster; and
  • What an organisation needs to do following a disaster, for the organisation to return to normal activities as soon as possible.

This template is a guide only. The Disaster and Recovery Plan Template is available in modifiable word format here so that you may adapt the document to suit the needs of your Organisation or Group.

For broad awareness, how to get ready and actions to take in a disaster and key contact information go to Council’s Disaster Management page

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