Kolan Community Options

KOLAN COMMUNITY OPTIONS is designed to provide flexible CARE OPTIONS to the frail and elderly, younger people with disabilities and their carers.

By offering a range of basic support services, the Community Options Service may provide an alternative to residential care, thereby assisting to maintain elderly or disabled people in their homes, within the community.

Services may include:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • General household tasks
  • In-home respite and Centre Based Respite
  • Transport
  • Other tasks which may arise in response to individual need
  • Home maintenance
  • Social Support group and Individual activities

Anyone can refer someone to the program, including:

  • Specialist assessment services
  • Relative or other carers
  • Doctors, community workers, nurses, social workers etc.
  • The client


For those under 65 or under 50 if indigenous                                           
ONI (Ongoing Needs Identification) screening required to assess eligibility can be done through Community Care Access Point or staff at Kolan Community Options.  Access Point staff will find out whether you are eligible for services, discuss your needs and put services in contact with you. If you would like services from Kolan Community Options it is important that you state this at the time of screening. 

To contact Community Access Point phone 1800 600 300 or contact Kolan Community Options phone 4130 4690


For those 65 and over or over 50 if indigenous

Screening is required to access eligibility and can be done through My Aged Care.  My Aged Care will find out whether you are eligible for services, discuss your needs and put services in contact with you.  If you would like services from Kolan Community Options it is important that you state this at the time of screening. 

Alternatively you can contact Kolan Community Options and they will complete an online referral on your behalf and My Aged Care will contact you.

To contact My Aged Care phone 1800 200 422 or contact Isis Community Care phone 4130 4690

Minimum cost for services apply, however Clients are not excluded from this service if they are financially disadvantaged. Payment of fees is a confidential arrangement between the client and the coordinator. 

A small fee for service applies and the Co-ordinator may help with subsidies if necessary. 


Kolan Community Options is funded to provide

Social Support Group Activities is where clients participate in structured group activities designed to develop, maintain or support the capacity for independent living and social interaction. This service is conducted from the Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre. The program also includes group excursions/activities conducted by staff but held away from the centre. 


What is included in the Day Program : 

  • Pick up from home and returned to home by arrangement
  • Morning Tea
  • Individualised program and activities which includes music, quizzes, cards, outings for drives, barbecues, lunches & morning teas
  • Midday meal and Dessert
  • Qualified staff and volunteers
  • Information on & assistance with accessing other services
  • Social Support Group Program operates on a Wednesday and Friday 9am to 3pm

In Home Respite

In Home Respite refers to assistance received by a carer from a substitute carer (staff member of Kolan Community Options) who provides supervision and assistance to care recipient.  We are able to provide a staff member even if the carer chooses to be present.  This care is in the client's home.

In Home Respite is provided by Kolan Community Options in order to give the carer some relief from their caring role. At times, and especially in the early stages of respite care arrangements, we understand that the carer may choose to remain with their care recipient in the presence of our care workers, for both their own reassurance and that of the care recipient.

Whilst our staff are providing In Home Respite they are able to assist with other activities as part of standing in for the usual carer (e.g. washing dishes or helping the care recipient with personal care tasks).

Domestic Assistance

Domestic Assistance refers to assistance with domestic duties within the home, including assistance with cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing. This service is provided to clients up to 1.5hrs per fortnight.

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance is when we are able to provide assistance to you around your home.  We use contractors for this service, clients could receive up to 1 hour per month.  For yard maintenance the contractor mows and wipersnips your house yard and sweeps pathways if time permits, all clippings are removed from your property. Other minor maintenance may be available upon request.

Social Support Individual

Social Support refers to giving clients a hand by taking the shopping, banking or to appointments, or just providing company to chat. this service can be provided in the home enviroment or accessing community services.

Personal Care

Personal care refers to assistance given in bathing or showering, dressing or toileting.


Transport refers to assistance with transportation.  Transport assistance is provided so that the client may get out of their house and do chores, attend appointments, other activities or community centres, and participate in the community.

Kolan Community Options provides transport locally and to Bundaberg.  

For further information please contact:

Office: 4130 4626
After Hours Mobile Phone 0414 684 797                   
Bundaberg Regional Council Service Centre GIN GIN  
4 Dear Street, GIN GIN QLD 4671

Email kcc@bundaberg.qld.gov.au»

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