Bundaberg Region 2031

Bundaberg Regional 2031 Review

Council is undertaking a review of our Bundaberg Region 2031 document and we need your feedback.

The Bundaberg Region 2031 project was created in 2011 in an effort to define and strategically plan the Bundaberg Region's community vision for the future.


PLEASE NOTE: Submissions close 28 February 2014


Bundaberg Region 2031 is Bundaberg Regional Council's long-term Community Plan.

Completed and adopted by Council on 22nd March 2011, Bundaberg Region 2031 outlines our desired vision, goals, strategies and key actions.  Covering a period of twenty years, the document is a high-level aspirational plan that articulates our desired long term future and strategies to realise our vision. 

What is the Community Plan?

The community plan is effectively a strategic plan at a local community level, determining how we achieve the best results for our community, and how we can ensure our services and facilities continueto meet our region's needs.

The community plan includes the Bundaberg region's preferred future or vision, outlining how our residents see a desirable lifestyle for their community in twenty years, and identifies broad strategies and goals under a range of topics or themes, as well as key actions we collectively need to implement in order to achieve those goals. 

Essentially, the community plan visualises the region we'd like to call home in 2031.  For this reason, we've called the community plan Bundaberg Region 2031.

How was the Community Plan developed and our planning review process?

During 2010, our community and business leaders were involved in community consultative workshops and the use of a online survey to seek feedback and ideas to develop the plan. The plan was completed in and adopted by Council in March 2011.

The plan is very important document as it also guides the development and content of Councils operational planning documents such as its Corporate Plan, Financial Plan and Long Term Asset Management plan.

To ensure that the Bundaberg Region 2031 Plan objectives and strategies remain consistent with the views of our community and other stakeholders, a scheduled review of the plan will be undertaken in February 2014 . This process will involve a number of meetings with community members and business leaders.  For those people who are unable to attend the community meetings, an on-line survey will also be available to record your comments.

Corporate, Financial & Long-Term Asset Management Plans

The Local Government Act 2009 requires Council to prepare various planning and accountability documents including a Financial Plan and Long-Term Asset Management Plan.


Council's Corporate Plan is the principle strategic document that provides a framework for Council to undertake its business and service deliery over a five year period. The current plan (2009-2014) will be updated following the finalisation of the Bundaberg 2031 Plan review. 

Council's Financial Plan is a document that outlines Council's goal, strategies and policies for managing its finance, during the period covered by the plan. 

Council's Long-Term Asset Management Plan Plan covers a period of ten years and outlines Council's goals and associated strategies for implementing sustainable asset management. This plan is consistent with the long-term Community Plan, Bundaberg Region 2031 and embraces the Towards 2031 theme.