Council advises residents to organise NBN transition

NBN Community Affairs Manager Damon Cavalchini discusses the NBN rollout in the Bundaberg Region with Council Governance and Communications portfolio spokesperson Cr Helen Blackburn.
20 Mar 2017

Residents across the Bundaberg Region eligible for connection to the National Broadband Network (NBN) are risking disconnection from their existing copper service if they fail to transition to the NBN before June 9 this year.

Bundaberg Regional Council recently received a briefing from NBN which advised that if residents did not make the switch before their scheduled disconnection date, they would lose all existing landline services.

Council’s Governance and Communications portfolio spokesperson Cr Helen Blackburn said the areas affected included Central Bundaberg and advised businesses to be aware of the need to transition.

“The reality is that the switch to the NBN is not an automatic process. NBN has advised Council that customers who do not transition their existing landline phone, ADSL internet and Telstra cable internet services to the NBN face losing their landline services.

“While Council has no role in the transition from current services to the NBN we do feel an obligation to add our voice to that of the NBN in advising customers of this impending disconnection date.”

Cr Blackburn said Bundaberg was one of the first areas chosen to connect to the new high speed broadband network.

“It’s very important for people in numerous locations across the Bundaberg area to remember that important date of June 9, 2017. Other parts of Bundaberg will face disconnection on July 14 so it is imperative that people contact their service provided to discuss transitioning to the NBN.”

Information relating to areas eligible to connect to the NBN or those scheduled to complete the transition can be found at Bundaberg Regional Council has no role in the proposed disconnection dates or transitioning services to NBN.



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