Interim Planning measure to provide turtle protection

17 Mar 2017

Requirements to apply greater levels of protection to the biodiversity of the Mon Repos Regional Park and especially its turtle population has resulted in Bundaberg Regional Council implementing a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) covering the Shelley Street area at Burnett Heads.

Council adopted the TLPI at its Ordinary meeting this week. The TLPI will effectively suspend certain provisions contained in the BRC Planning Scheme 2015 for a period of 12 months commencing on March 17.

Planning and Development portfolio spokesman Cr Ross Sommerfeld said the TLPI is an interim policy response to concerns raised by State Planning & Infrastructure Minister Jackie Trad who directed Council by notice on February 19 to amend parts of its Planning Scheme.

“The impact of the TLPI is restricted to just 12 parcels of land in the Emerging Community Zone in Shelley Street which were identified by the State Government as requiring additional regulation to ensure an appropriate level of protection to the region’s nesting turtle population.

“The general effect of the TLPI will limit development to one dwelling per allotment, manage lighting associated with dwelling houses to curb overflow lighting and provide an increased level of protection to the Mon Repos turtle rookery against the effects of development.”

Cr Sommerfeld said the TLPI had been submitted to the State Government and was returned with unqualified approval. He said Council shared the State’s concern relating to the protection of turtles.

“The Mon Repos turtles, in addition to providing a rare natural event each year, play an unsurpassed role in promoting the name of Mon Repos and the Bundaberg Region to an international audience.

“Given the contribution our nesting turtles make to the world’s turtle population, it is in the best interests of the Bundaberg Region to ensure this natural phenomenon continues uninterrupted.”

Cr Sommerfeld said a Technical Working Group comprising State and Council representatives would work on producing suitable outcomes to add to the Planning Scheme to promote greater levels of protection for the Mon Repos Regional Park at its turtle population.



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