State Development Area a 'game changer' for jobs

10 Feb 2017
Mayor Jack Dempsey says a new State Development Area to be built around the Port of Bundaberg will be a ‘game changer’ for the region, ensuring more local jobs and business opportunities.

“The development of a State Development Area means that the port will be further developed to increase trade and throughput,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“I’m delighted that the potential of our port will finally be realised. We have been working with all levels of government to promote greater use of the Bundaberg Port and today that hard work has paid off.

“The Bundaberg Region has so much to offer in terms of exports. We produce quality products that are in world demand. Currently, the port exports raw sugar, some molasses, wood pellets and silica sands but following today’s announcement, there’ll be the potential to export so much more.

“We’re talking about increasing throughput from an average 254,000 tonnes a year to an estimated 1,000,000 tonnes a year.

“Today’s news builds on a string of positive announcements and growing business confidence. Council’s Open for Development initiative alone has stimulated building activity and generated about $165
million in local development.

“We are already reaping the benefits of the development of the Knauf plasterboard factory and soon we’ll welcome the completion of the $19 million gas pipeline that will provide a direct source of energy to new industry at the port.

“I’m heartened by the rapid increase in infrastructure projects and major capital works being undertaken in the region. I thank the State and Federal Governments for their cooperation in working with Council to identify opportunities that can create real jobs and grow our local economy.”



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