Kay McDuff-Ring Road Link and Eggmolesse Street Construction

Project Update – February 2017:

Eggmolesse Street-Johanna Boulevard Road Extension -

The contractor has installed stormwater infrastructure from Johanna Boulevard to the major culvert structure mid location of the project. The major culvert structure has also been installed during this month. Water reticulation works have now also


Kay McDuff Drive - Bundaberg Ring Road Link -

The contractor has installed stormwater infrastructure throughout the entire project.  Approximately 50% of the culvert structures have been completed. Electrical and pavement works have now commenced. 

Project Update – January 2017:

Eggmolesse Street-Johanna Boulevard Road Extension -

Clearing of the road extension of Eggmolesse Street and Johanna Boulevard has commenced and construction will start at the Johanna Boulevard end and then extend through to connect with Fitzgerald Street.  This part of the project is scheduled for completion in September 2017.  It will provide a second access off Eggmolesse Street for Shalom College.  A roundabout at the intersection of Fitzgerald and Eggmolesse Streets is currently under design and its construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.  For more information on this project, please refer to Issue 1 of the Project Newsletter found by clicking here.


Kay McDuff Drive - Bundaberg Ring Road Link -

Works have continued on the Kay McDuff Road extension.  Construction works are programmed to commence on the Bundaberg Ring Road end of this project on Monday, 23 January 2017.  Motorists are to be aware of changed traffic conditions at the new Ring Road intersection.


Project Update – December 2016:

Berajondo Earthmoving has been engaged to construct the 450 m extension of Kay McDuff Drive to connect with the Bundaberg Ring Road to provide a heavy vehicle access to the industrial park.  Vegetation is being cleared from the road reserve before Christmas, ready for construction in January, 2017.  Click on this link to read the press release.

Local Contractor, Development Construction Pty Ltd have been engaged to undertake the construction of Eggmolesse Street with associated stormwater drainage and new water infrastructure to service an industrial catchment of 44 ha and a residential catchment of 76 ha. The construction of 1600 m of new road will commence in January 2017.  Plans are underway to construct the Fitzgerald/Eggmolesse Street intersection with completion scheduled prior to Christmas 2017.  Upon completion of works, Eggmolesse Street will connect Fitzgerald Street and Enterprise Street, improving connectivity for the community and motorists in west Bundaberg.

Project Update – November 2016:
Bundaberg Regional Council has secured funding for the extension of Kay McDuff Drive and the Bundaberg Ring Road Connection project from the Australian Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program and the Queensland Government’s Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme. A contract has been awarded to local contractor, Berajondo Earthmoving and Haulage with preliminary works to commence before Christmas, pending weather conditions.

Successful funding of Kay McDuff Drive Extension has facilitated the early construction of Eggmolesse Street to Johanna Boulevard.  Tenders have been called for the construction of approx. 1600 m of Eggmolesse Street and Johanna Boulevard including the construction of a significant stormwater drainage and water structure.  Tenders close on the 6 December 2016.  Council expects to commence construction in February 2017; pending engagement of a successful contractor in December.  The intersection upgrade of Fitzgerald Street / Eggmolesse Street is currently being designed and programmed for construction early in the 2017/18 financial year.

Extension of Kay McDuff Drive and Bundaberg Ring Road Connection:
Initiative of Bundaberg Regional Council

Jointly funded by the Australian Government and Queensland Government

The Bundaberg Area Transport Study identified the need for improved freight connectivity between the Bundaberg Ring Road, Kensington industrial areas and Bundaberg Airport. The construction of the missing link between Kay McDuff Drive and the Bundaberg Ring Road will provide a major heavy vehicle traffic corridor to and from the Bundaberg Ring Road with direct access to the Bundaberg Food Park industrial development. Construction of this new $2.8 Million link will offer significant cost savings and road network efficiencies for both the businesses established in this industrial area and heavy vehicle freight companies. The proposed new road link will provide a more direct, shorter route specifically designed for heavy vehicle access and will remove heavy vehicles from high traffic urban streets. The new road link will provide an alternative route which is expected to provide some relief to the congestion currently being experienced during peak times at the Enterprise St/Maynard St/Fitzgerald St/Branyan St roundabout. Heavy traffic will also be diverted away from Shalom College on Fitzgerald Street, one of Bundaberg’s larger schools offering a safer roadworks for motorists.

The proposed road connection is a key missing link in the Bundaberg city transport network, which would link the Bundaberg Industrial Park development directly to the existing state controlled freight network. Significant network efficiencies and cost savings will be achieved for the heavy vehicle transport industry. Construction of the link road improves the primary freight route by providing direct access to the Industrial Park area and surrounding bulky goods/commercial areas. The current freight route is via the Isis Highway and a number of highly trafficked urban roads (Takalvan St, Enterprise St, Fitzgerald St).  The new heavy vehicle freight route will offer cost efficiencies by reducing the travel distance by some 2.24 km. With the proposed new link, the new access route would be via the Isis Highway, Bundaberg Ring Road and Kay McDuff Drive offering a higher speed limit of 80 km/hr whilst the existing route is via urban streets with 60 and 50 km/hr speed limits.  Constructing the missing link will provide improved road safety on our urban roads. Re-directing heavy freight vehicles to the new link road will significantly reduce the number of conflict points on Takalvan, Enterprise and Fitzgerald Streets thus providing a much improved safety environment for all road users, including heavy vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and other general motoring traffic.

There is wide spread support for the heavy vehicle traffic corridor, including support from State Government agencies, business groups and business owners. Letters of support for the Kay McDuff Drive extension and Bundaberg Ring Road connection were received from a range of stakeholder, including:

  • Regional Development Australia
  • Queensland Government - Department of State Development 
  • Queensland Government - Department of Infrastructure, Local Government & Planning, Qld (Economic Development) 
  • Bundaberg Chamber of Commerce 
  • arious business/property owners in the area including Just Freight, Oceanic Steel, Beasleys, Camit, Enmach, Orora & the Door Keeper

The new intersection of Bundaberg Ring Road / Kay McDuff Drive has been designed to provide sight lines with clear, unobstructed view for vehicles exiting and entering the Ring Road from Kay McDuff Drive extension.

Construction of Eggmolesse Street and Johanna Boulevard:

(Jointly funded by the Queensland Government and Bundaberg Regional Council)

The second stage of the transport strategy for West Bundaberg will involve the construction of Eggmolesse Street and Johanna Boulevard Road Connection, a $5.5 - $6 Million project which will connect Fitzgerald Street with Johanna Boulevard and provide improved connectivity for the community and motorists in West Bundaberg.  The Queensland Government is supporting this project under its TIDS program.

Further stages of the overall transport improvement strategy include extension of Johanna Boulevard to connect with the proposed Kensington Estate development and a link with Kay McDuff Drive and upgrade of the Enterprise St/Maynard St/Fitzgerald St/Branyan St intersection.