Micro Grant Program

Micro Grant Program > $1,000

Council is committed to working in partnership with community organisations to further develop our region. We recognise the role that individuals, community groups, clubs and organisations play in helping to build healthier and stronger local communities and promote the wellbeing of our residents.

Micro Grants reflect the philanthropy of the Council and the commitment to improve the well-being of the community of the Bundaberg Region.  The available financial assistance per micro grant application for eligible Project/Programs/Events is up to $1,000.

Applications for the Micro Grant Program are open twelve (12) rounds per year on a financial year basis until budgeted funds are expended. Applications open the first day of each month and close the last Friday of the month.

Applications are assessed at the beginning of each new month. Notification of assessment outcomes will be advised within seven (7) working days after the first day of each new month.

Selection Criteria:
Applications Must demonstrate:

  • Linkage to the specific aims and priorities for the Micro Grant (refer to the Social Development Action Plan).
  • The benefit to the people of the Bundaberg Region.
  • a balanced, realistic and complete budget: and current quotes.

Eligible groups/organisations are required to:

  • Have satisfactorily acquitted any previous financial assistance provided by Bundaberg Regional Council.
  • Have the majority of members residing in the Bundaberg region.
  • Be a non profit group/charitable organisation that resides in the Bundaberg Regional Council area.
  • Provide a community benefit to the residents of the Bundaberg Regional Council area.
  • Submit a detailed budget for the project/program/event.
  • submit current quotes for the project/program/event.

Ineligible Applications:

  • Groups/organisations who have received a Council grant that has not been satisfactorily acquitted (excludes: RADF and Special Events)
  • Groups/organisations who have already received financial assistance in the current financial year
  • Political groups 
  • Commercial activities(day-to-day operating, building or staffing costs of an agency) etc 
  • Schools, Universities, TAFE colleges & Government agencies
  • For profit Groups  

Download the Micro Grant Application»
Download the Micro Grant - Acknowledging Funding Support»

Please direct your enquiries concerning the Micro Grant Program to Council's Community Development Unit on 1300 883 699 or email us at ceo@bundaberg.qld.gov.au