Stormwater Protection

Council’s, Health & Regulatory Services are undertaking a regional education programme for residents, business and industry to increase awareness of the impacts of stormwater pollution, ways to reduce and control potential pollution occurring and legislative responsibilities.

Stormwater is untreated water that enters the stormwater network from rain events and surface runoff. A wide range of pollutants can, unfortunately, enter into the environment via the stormwater network everyday. These pollutants include, litter, hydrocarbons, sediment, oil, paint etc. The environments that are impacted by stormwater pollutants include creeks, rivers, lakes and the ocean.

The Bundaberg Region essentially empties into the Great Sandy Marine Park which is home to sponges, algae, corals, turtles, sea snakes and 300+ species of fish. Within this marine park is Mon Repos, the home of the largest loggerhead turtle nesting population located in the South Pacific Ocean region which is a popular tourist attraction.

It is vital to reduce the amount of stormwater pollution entering into the environment to secure the future of ocean creatures, tourism, fishing (industry and recreation) and the overall perception and appeal of the Bundaberg Region.