Equipment Available

Need help controlling pest plants or animals?

As well as holding field days throughout the year, Council has a range of weed and animal control equipment and resources available to assist landholders with all their pest plants or animal control needs.    Landholders can access any of the below services and equipment by contacting Council on 1300 883 699 and request to talk with one of Council's Land Protection Officers.

Chemical Assistance

Council has implemented a chemical subsidy scheme which enables landholders to access the chemical Taskforce (Flupropanate) to control Giant Rats Tail Grass at a greatly reduced price.   This chemical is a selective herbicide which only targets Giant Rats Tail Grass (GRT), African Love Grass and a small number of other grass species and is currently the most effective herbicide available for the control of GRT. 

For your convenience Council has produced a Pest Management Plan Template. You can open it by selecting the button below. This form must be completed and returned to Council to access this programme. 



Wick Wipers



4 metre pressurised wick wipers are available free of charge for control of Giant Rats Tail Grass.  These units attach to a tractor's three point linkage and work by applying a concentrated application of glyphosate to the Giant Rats Tail Grass plant and are quite effective in areas of light to moderate infestation.  To achieve best results a series of 3 wipes will be required over an 18 month period.

Spray Units

400 litre Quikspray units with 100 metre remote controlled retractable hose reels are available.  Units come on a tandem trailer or by prior arrangements may be lifted onto the back of a landowners tray back utility.   Units are available for control of declared plants and can be hired from Council.  These units can generally halve the time required to treat an area of infestation.

Splatter Guns

Council has several splatter guns available for control of lantana.  Splatter guns have been proven to give exceptional control of lantana, particulary in steep terrain or otherwise inaccessible locations.  These guns are carried on the operators back and are gas operated to deliver a small concentrated mix of glyphosate. 

Hire rates: All fees and charges relating to hire of equipment can be found here in Council's Fees & Charges document» on Page 55.

Please note: When you view the Fees & Charges document, the easiest way to find what you're looking for is to press 'Ctrl & F' on your keyboard, and this will bring up a search box. Search for the word 'spray'.  This search result will take you to the section you require. 

(Allow approximately 5-6 hours per cylinder dependant on infestation density).

Boomless Spray Attachment

These attachments can be fitted to Council's spray units or any suitable high volume pump for undertaking control of large infestations.  The unit allows for a 16 metre spray swath to be applied in a single pass, making control of many large infestations a simple operation.

Aquatic Weed Control

Council has a range of equipment and an experienced operator to provide control of aquatic pest plants in private dams.  There is a hire charge applicable for this equipment.  For further information please contact Council.

Noxious Plant Inspections

This service can advise prospective purchasers of any pest plant infestations that may be present on a property prior to purchase, therefore assisting purchasers in their decision making. An inspection fee applies for this service.  Inspections can be arranged by contacting Council on 1300 883 699.

Local Weed Control Contractors

 Active Weed Busters  0408 255 673
 Isis Weed Control  0400 593 213
 NoNox Pty Ltd  0417 773 849
 0439 782 245
 Terry Crossett Weed Services  0400 579 977
 Peter Brightwell
 0411 666 626
 Galea's Weed Control

0415 797 622

 Sanray Spraying  0400 910 544





Portable Pig Traps

Portable pig traps are available free of charge to assist with control of feral pigs.  Pigs will normally require pre-feeding prior to trapping.   Traps can be sourced by contacting one of Council's Land Protection Officer's on  1300 883 699.

Indian Myna Bird Traps

Indian Myna's are a very aggressive invader which will quickly move into an area forcing native birds out.   The regions main infestations of Indian Myna's are located in and around the township of Childers. 

In this area, Council has implemented a control program to reduce bird numbers using specially made myna traps.  Council has a number of traps available for loan to any member of the community who is interested in becoming involved in the programme.  

For further information please contact one of Council's Land Protection Officers on 1300 883 699.