Animal Control on our Region's Beaches

Animal Control on our Region's Beaches  

Dog Friendly Beaches

Bundaberg has many kilometres of beautiful coastline which is popular with locals and tourists alike.  Most dogs love a trip to the beach and it is a great form of exercise for dog and owner alike.

Restrictions are in place to provide some areas that are dog free for members of the public and to protect our environment, such as swimming or recreation areas and environmental reserves.  Provided you do not take your dog into one of these areas (which are clearly signed) you can walk your (on leash) dog along most of our coastline. 

For everyone's enjoyment, remember to keep your dog on a leash at all times, even on a beach, and you must clean up after your dog.  Beaches are patrolled regularly by Council Officers and on the spot fines apply.

Specific areas dogs are not allowed are bathing reserves:

  • Oaks Beach - Burnett Heads
  • Kelly's Beach - Bargara (including the Basin & Moneys Creek)
  • Nielson Park Beach - Bargara
  • Moore Park Beach - from Palm View Drive to Lassig Street
  • Mon Repos Beach
  • Elliott Heads Beach
  • Elliott River Beach area - within 500 metres west of the boatramp
  • Coonarr Beach

Off Leash Areas

Council provides 4 dedicated off leash areas where owners may exercise their dogs:

  • Lions Park, North Bundaberg (View Map here»)
  • Northern end of Fred Courtice Avenue, Bargara at Neilson Park (View Map here»)
  • The bathing reserve and foreshore at Woodgate - View Map here» but limited to -
    • the bathing reserve and foreshore from a point 50m south of the most southerly pedestrian access to the bathing reserve to a point 200m north of the Burrum River entrance; and
    • the bathing reserve and foreshort from a point seawards of the most northerly residence abutting the bathing reserve to the Theodolite Creek entrance.

Please remember to be considerate of others when using the off leash areas, and remember owners are responsible for the actions and behaviour of their dogs at all times. 

Dog Rules & Etiquette  

Being a responsible pet owner means you are legally responsible for your pets behaviour at all times, so it's important you are in control.  Following a few simple rules will make your visit to an off lease area pleasant for everyone:

  • Biting, fighting and agressive dogs are not welcome
  • Pets should be under effective control or voice control at all times
  • Pets should have current vaccinations
  • Always clean up after your pet
  • Don't bring more dogs than you can handle
  • Fill any holes your dog digs
  • Provide your dog with water
  • Always be considerate of others
  • Dogs must be registered

Dogs must be leashed at all times prior to entering and leaving an off leash area.  It is also important to stay near your pet and constantly monitor them in an off leash area, especially in the vicinity of children.

Dogs with a history of dangerous or agressive behaviour should be muzzled. 

Even in off leash areas, it is important to stop your dog from causing a nuisance or being aggressive towards other dogs.  At no time should your dog impede other people's enjoyment. 


When exercising your pet in off leash areas, remember to take a litter bag with you and dispose of your dog's waste appropriately.

"These restrictions are designed to ensure optimum safety for the public and our environment. Council Officers will be patrolling and may issue on-the-spot fines".