Lost & Found & Impounded Animals

If your animal is lost, it may have been impounded by the Council. Animals which have been impounded will appear on this list after processing. Processing times may vary, so you may wish to check back several times.

  • Registered animals that are impounded will be kept for 5 working days.
  • Unregistered animals that are impounded will be kept for 3 working days.

Click on the link below to see the impounded animals currently in the pound

Show the list of impounded animals

Is your lost animal displayed on the impounded animals list ?

Yes, my animal is in the pound No, my animal is not in the pound I have found a lost animal

How do I release my animal from the pound?

If council has impounded your animal please contact the Bundaberg Regional Council on 1300 883 699, so arrangements can be made to release your animal. Alternately, you can visit the any of Council's Service Centres and arrange for collection of the animal.

Please note that only the legal owner of the animal can release the animal from the Pound.

How much does it cost to release my animal?

Payment of the release (and registration) fees is to be received in full prior to the release of the animal. Please note if you have not released your animal within 5 days for registered animals or 3 days for unregistered animals from the date of impounding, you will be charged a daily sustenance fee.

Release Fees 

Animal release fees can be found here in our latest Fees and Charges»

Stock release fees 

Stock release fees vary with the type of animal and include: impounding release, daily sustenance, transportation and mileage.

Pound Opening Hours

Bundaberg Monday to Friday 10am to 11am
Childers By appointment
Gin Gin By appointment

Where are the pounds?

Bundaberg pound is located at the end of university drive (turn right at Central Queensland University campus)

Childers pound is located on the Isis Highway approximately 1.5 kilometres past the Childers Landfill.

Gin Gin pound is located within the council depot on Flanders Street, Gin Gin.


If you have lost your animal and it is not in the pound, please contact Council on 1300 883 699 to lodge your lost animal's details.  It is strongly recommended that you continually check the list of impounded animals.

Lost/Found Animals Form

It is also recommended that you contact the Bundaberg RSPCA on 07 4155 1736 to see if your animal has been delivered to them.




If you have found a lost animal please contact Council on 1300 883 699 and report the animal to Health & Regulatory Services so the animal can be collected and taken to the Bundaberg pound.

Lost/Found Animals Form

Alternatively, if the animal is wearing a Bundaberg Regional Council tag please call 1300 883 699 and Council will contact the owner of the animal so they can be reunited with their lost pet.