Walk and Cycle

Walking and cycling are great ways to get active!

Walking is:
  • suitable for all fitness levels (including beginners)
  • free and a convenient way to be active
  • requires no special skills or equipment
  • can be enjoyed with friends, family or on your own
Riding is:
  • good for your health
  • environmentally friendly
  • a cheap way to travel
  • a fun way to enjoy the outdoors
  • a great way to spend time with friends and family

Multi Modal Pathway Strategy

The Bundaberg Regional Council LGA offers a number of attributes conducive to walking and cycling. Our warm climate, flat topography, wide road reserves and attractive rural and coastal landscapes make walking and cycling a desirable and viable mode of social interaction, recreation and transport.

To make the most of this opportunity a range of resources are provided to local residents and visitors.

To learn about how Council is planning for the provision of a well-connected and responsive multi modal pathway network, which incorporates those paths that are designed and constructed to meet the needs of the broadest range of potential users with an aim to satisfy social, recreational, commuter, utility and school needs access Councils Multi Modal Pathway Strategy.

Coral Coast Pathways

Enjoy the regions suburb coastal pathways by accessing a Coral Coast Pathways brochure and map!

A collaboration and successful funding partnership between Council and Queensland Health resulted in the Coral Coast Pathways brochures and interpretative signage being implemented.

The walking brochures are available via Tourist outlets or contact Council’s Sport and Recreation Team via email if you would like larger quantities of these brochures for groups. Access a printable brochure by clicking on a brochure image.


Ride Safely

Cycling is a healthy and eco-friendly way to get around; however it is important to stay safe when riding on the regions roads.  Cyclists are responsible for riding safety and adhering to Road rules and regulations. Remember to wear a helmet – it is a legal requirement.

Safety tips:
  • On narrow roads it is safer to ride single file
  • Cyclists should give way to pedestrians on shared paths
In certain locations bicycle lanes can be found throughout the region.  It is important to be aware of the rules for both motorists and cyclists regarding these lanes. 

For more information on Bicycle awareness and safety go to the Bicycle Awareness link here.

Popular Rides in the Bundaberg Region

In conjunction with Bundaberg Regional Cycling Reference Group, Bundaberg Regional Council have developed a 10 Popular Rides in the Bundaberg Region Guide for visitors and locals.  The guide can be downloaded here.

Walk and Cycle Groups

While walking and cycling can be experienced on your own, they are also great activities to enjoy in a group.  To get active and meet new people why not join a walking group or cycling club?

The Bundaberg Region has a number of walking and cycling groups which meet regularly.  To find out about these groups access the Sports and Recreation Directory on the Bundaberg Region Community Directory page.

For information on healthy programs and resources coordinated or supported by Council access our Healthy page. To keep up to date with programs and activities Council supports to keep our region moving go to our active page.