Hinkler Hall of Aviation

The Hinkler Hall of Aviation, located in the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens on the city’s northern outskirts, is a major Australian tourist attraction operated by the Bundaberg Regional Council. The complex is an outstanding example of several communities working together with all levels of government to celebrate and honour the life and pioneering efforts of Bundaberg’s own aviation pioneer, Bert Hinkler.

The Hinkler Hall of Aviation pays tribute to Bert Hinkler as a pioneer of flight and as a person who was significant in the advancement of aviation during the early 20th century.

The Hall itself is a modern, dynamic and unique structure, made of soaring glass and steel, and filled with the personal story of Bert Hinkler. In this very building, Bert’s accomplishments are brought to life, offering the ability to view and obtain a real understanding of the historical, social, technical and physical impact arising from the achievements of one of Australia’s leading aviators. The experience brings together every element of Bert’s earliest dreams of adventure and imagination, and stands as one of Australia’s most significant cultural and educational attractions, catering for residents of and visitors to Bundaberg, history students and the budding aviation enthusiast.

A key element of the Hinkler Hall of Aviation is its foundation as a cutting-edge interpretive facility that educates and entertains through the preservation of Hinkler artifacts and memorabilia. Much more than a museum, the Hinkler Hall of Aviation celebrates pioneering aviation in all forms, and seeks to enrich our lives as a living storybook.

The facility houses original documents and photos plus six key aircraft associated with Bert Hinkler’s aviation history. Interactive displays, touch screens, a glide simulator, atmospherically controlled display gallery, lecture theatre, artifact work preservation and restoration facility and archival area all feature in the modern complex, designed to replicate the sleek and dynamic design of an aircraft wing.

In March 2010, Fairymead House was added as an exhibit of the Hinkler Hall of Aviation. Information on the history of Fairymead House is available at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation website.

Visit the Hinkler Hall of Aviation website for more information on this exciting tourist attraction and visitor experience.