The Plumbing Services Department offers inspection services, plumbing approvals and advice for all sanitary plumbing and drainage installations in the area under the control of Bundaberg Regional Council.

Pre-approval advice is also available for sanitary plumbing and drainage matters.  This advice is available either on-site or in-office from qualified Council staff.

Applications are lodged with the cashier located on the ground floor of the main administration building situated at 190 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg.  The application is delivered to Development Administrationfor processing and assessment.  Development Application Forms can be downloaded from the Department of Housing and Public Works web site. You can find the forms by clicking the following link:

All sanitary plumbing and drainage work that is regulated by the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 must be carried out by a person who holds a license or interim license that entitles the person to perform the work.

It is the license holder's responsibility to ensure that the plumbing and drainage work is inspected before the work is covered up.

Not all plumbing associated work requires a plumbing inspection and assessment by Council.  For instance, the vast majority of work undertaken in an existing building will be 'notifiable works' requiring only the lodgement of a Form 4 with the Plumbing Industry Council within ten days of completion.  A definition of the different types of plumbing and drainage works and approval requirements is available in:

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