Planning Alert - Farm Sheds - March 2016

Recently Council has been approached by a number of shed companies and building certifiers about how the Council is regulating farm sheds.  In particular, there is concern about the application of the Amenity and Aesthetics (A&A) Policy to farm sheds that are being certified as Class 10 buildings.

Please see attached fact sheet that explains how Council currently regulates farm buildings.

Fact Sheet - Farm Sheds

It was not intended to regulate farm buildings used for genuine farming practices on large, rural parcels.  Whilst the current A&A policy triggers assessment of all Class 10 sheds where exceeding the threshold limits, where the shed is for a farm shed and is located on a rural zoned lot that has an area greater than 2 hectares the Council will waive the applicable application fee. 

Please feel free to note this when lodging concurrence agency assessment requests for class 10 sheds that meet this criteria. 

Council officers will discuss with the new Council possible amendments to the A&A policy with regards to this issue.  An update will be provided should any changes be proposed. 

If you have any queries about the A&A policy or other planning provisions applying to farm sheds please contact one of Council's Development Services Officers on 1300 883 699.  

Building Assessment Services

From Monday 7 September 2015, Bundaberg Regional Council will no longer be accepting new applications for building work.  Council's move to cease its building certification functions has been taken primarily in response to decreasing usage of this service. 

If you require building certification services for your proposed building works, please contact a private building certifier.  Details of certifiers within our region can be found in the Yellow Pages and other business search facilities.

Council will still be inspecting any building works that Council has previously approved as well as dealing with any changes or extensions to those approvals. Inspections can be booked by contacting Council on 1300 883 699.

Council will also continue to hold all records, past and present, relating to building approvals and inspections and the general public will still have access to that resource.  This includes all details of approvals granted by private building certifiers that are provided to the Council.

Regulatory Services

The Development Group administers and regulates the requirements of various State Acts, regulations and local laws to control building and associated works in the community.
This section of Council performs a variety of roles which include the likes of: -
  • Siting concession assessments
  • Amenity & aesthetic considerations
  • Security assessments (for the relocation of buildings)
  • Complaint investigations
  • Illegal building work investigations
  • Compliance inspections of certain building works (e.g. budget accommodation, residential services)
  • Swimming pool fence compliance inspections
  • Compliance & building record searches
  • Record keeping functions (e.g. Private Certifier documentation)
Development Approvals for Building Works must be obtained before commencing any building work (including renovations, alterations or additions to any building or structure on your property) and for the erection of carports, outdoor areas, shade sails, gazebos, swimming pools & swimming pool fences, spas, retaining walls, shipping containers and the like.

If you are considering installing a spa or swimming pool, please ensure that you check if there are any requirements for fencing and building approvals. You will find that for most installations, a fence will be required and a development approval must be obtained for the pool or spa (including the fence) before any work commences.

Building works assessable against the planning scheme and Referral Agency triggers

The Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015 makes certain building works assessable against the planning scheme.  Further information on the planning scheme is available here.

Council may also be a concurrence agency for particular building works assessable against the Building Act.  Amongst other referral triggers, Council may be triggered as a concurrence agency for particular building work for Amenity and Aesthetics, or for Building Work Involving Removal or Rebuilding.  See Council’s Amenity and Aesthetics, and Building Work Involving Removal or Rebuilding Policy for more information.

Information on building and planning flood information is also available here, including details of flood hazard areas declared by Council resolution under the Building Act 1975.

Pool safety laws

The Queensland Government has introduced new pool safety laws aimed at further reducing the incidences of drowning and serious immersion injuries of young children in swimming pools. These laws affect new and existing pools. Stage 2 of the new laws commenced on 1 December 2010. 
For more information relating to the new laws, visit the Queensland Government's Pool Safety website -

From 1 December 2010, pool safety certificates are required when selling or leasing a property with a pool.  Pool safety certificates must be obtained from a licensed pool safety inspector.