Council’s Development Group is responsible for the managing and enforcing Council’s local planning instruments, including the Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015.  Information on Council’s local planning instruments and supporting policy documents is available here.

PD Online
Bundaberg Regional Council's PD Online service offers community members and the development industry the convenience of accessing information on development applications lodged with Council, including proposal documentation and status information on where an application is in the assessment process. PD Online can be accessed remotely via Council's website here.
Application Forms
Development Application forms can be downloaded from the Department of Local Government, Infrastructure and Planning's website.  You can find the forms by clicking here.

A list of all approved and recommended building forms can be found on the Department of Housing and Public Works' website located at:

Aside from the standard forms provided by the State, Council has developed forms and checklists to be used for certain requests, including –
  • Request for Concurrence Agency Assessment (including referral of building applications to Council as a concurrence agency);
  • Request to Change a Development Approval (including a request to extend the period of approval).

These and other forms and checklists are available here.

It is recommended that prospective Applicants have a pre-lodgement meeting with Councils Planning and Development Staff prior to lodging their application.  There is no fee for pre-lodgement meetings.

Council’s development application fees are set out in Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule here.

Planning applications can be submitted (including payment) via Smart eDA.  Smart eDA is a service developed by the State Government that allows for an application to be prepared and lodged electronically.  This service includes a tool which helps identify referral agencies that may be applicable to your proposed development.  If you have any questions regarding submission of applications via Smart eDA, please contact Council's Planning Department on 1300 883 699.

Pre-lodgement Meetings

Council offers a totally free service for developers where they can attend pre-lodgement meetings with senior Council Development staff who are also decision makers.

More information regarding this pre-lodgement meeting can be found within the below links:

For further information about Council's Pre-lodgement Meetings, please contact the “Duty Planner” Development Assessment Group by emailing or phoning 1300 883 699.

Building Services
Information on building services provided by Bundaberg Regional Council can be found here.
Assistance for Major Development Projects

Council provides a dedicated Senior Planner to provide pre-lodgement and assessment services for major development proposals. The Senior Planner Major Projects is a go-to person for industry and consultants looking to undertake projects of a size and nature of regional significance. As the Senior Planner is focussed solely on these projects Council can offer faster assessment times and specialised assistance to ensure these projects can be delivered as quickly as possible. 

For further assistance and information regarding major development projects, please contact the Senior Planner Major Projects or by visiting the Development Counter on the first floor of Council’s offices at 190 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg.


Bundaberg Regional Council has developed an internal fast track assessment process that streamlines the assessment of selected low risk development applications.  Information on fast tracking for low risk applications is available here.

Council has committed to participating in the DA Innovation Project, a program co-funded by the State Government, Local Government Association Queensland and the Bundaberg Regional Council.

Key outcomes that Council is seeking to achieve from participation in the project include:

  • Fast tracking of low complexity applications and concurrence agency referrals, targeting a five day assessment period;
  • Speeding up operational works applications including possible self-assessment for low risk works;
  • Fast tracking approvals for plans of subdivision;
  • Allowing on-line lodgement of documentation by private building certifiers;
  • A new Development Manual that standardises and simplifies civil works requirements for new development; and
  • A new standard conditions package aimed at reducing onerous and unnecessary conditioning of approvals.

These and other initiatives started being rolled out from 1 September 2013.

The new Low Risk Application System allows for rapid and consistent assessment of a selected range of low risk development applications that comply with the Planning Scheme requirements.  The fast track assessment process streamlines the assessment of selected low risk development applications, significantly reducing the processing time to generally five business days.

To be considered as a Low Risk Application, the development must meet the initial eligibility criteria, which is different for each category of Low Risk Applications.