Publication Scheme

Section 21 of the Right to Information Act requires Council to have in place a Publication Scheme. The purpose of this is to present a consolidated, user-friendly, comprehensive overview of Council's organisation, its relationship to the community and the various avenues for public access to Council's administrative and political processes.

1.  About Us - Who we are and what we do 
2. Our Services - The services we offer
3. Our Finances - What we spend and how we spend it
4. Our Priorities - What our priorities are and how we are doing
5. Our Decisions - How we make decisions
6. Our Policies and Documents - Our policies and procedures
7. Our Lists - Lists and registers

Access to Publication Scheme information in an alternative format and charges

The documents that are accessible on this website are available in PDF format. If you are unable to read these documents please ensure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader. Alternatively, please contact the relevant Council department and we will endeavour to meet reasonable requests for an alternative format.

Access to documents may incur charges if requested in an alternative format, for example photocopying charges. If you would like further information on charges please refer to Council's Fees & Charges or contact us to make further enquiries.

Enquiries, feedback and complaints regarding the Publication Scheme

If you have any enquiries, feedback or complaints regarding the Publication Scheme, please contact the Internal Ombudsman department on
1300 883 699 or: 

The Chief Executive Officer

Bundaberg Regional Council

PO Box 3130

Bundaberg QLD 4670

Any complaints regarding the Publication Scheme are managed in accordance with our Administrative Action Complaints Policy and
Council's Privacy Statement.