Right to Information & Privacy


Bundaberg Regional Council  is making it easier for you to access Council's information. This includes information about our policies, financial reports,  public registers and documents relating to our decisions. We also make appropriate protections for certain information, including personal information.

What is Right to Information?

On 1 July 2009 the old Freedom of Information Act 1992 was replaced by 2 pieces of legislation, namely:

The RTI Act deals with applications for non-personal information.

The IP Act deals with requests for personal information and amendments of personal information.

This legislation is the Queensland Government's approach to giving the community greater access to information. It aims to make more information available, provide equal access to information across all sectors of the community, and provide appropriate protection for individual privacy.

This does not include information that is already available under an existing "access arrangement", such as Council minutes, which are available without apply under RTI.

What is Information Privacy?

The IP Act guides how you can:

  • access your personal information; or

  • advise us about any changes or amendments to your personal information.

This legislation also guides how government manages your personal information. Council's Privacy Statement explains how Council protects your privacy and manages your personal information.  

How can the RTI and IP Acts help?

The RTI and IP Acts have 3 main aims, which fall into the following categories.

Availability: Council is required to make available to you documents about its functions and operations.  This includes information about its structure, decision-making processes, public participation through boards, councils or committees and policy documents.  You may be able to access these documents through Council's Publication Scheme for free (see "How to access Council information" below).  You can otherwise ask to see such documents or purchase copies at Council's Customer Service Centre, nothing that the Publication Scheme is not available in hard copy format.

Access: The RTI and IP Act give you the right to apply for documents, including those about you, held by Council.  You can examine and have copies of these documents.  You also have rights to appeal if Council does not give you access to documents you want to see.

Amendment: You may apply to amend documents containing personal information where you believe that the information is inaccurate, misleading, out-of-date or incomplete.   

How to access Council information?

Administrative Release

Before entering into the application process, please consider whether the documents may already be available through other means, such as the Publication Scheme, Council's website or by contacting the relevant department within Council.

For further information in relation to Right to Information and Information Privacy or to lodge an application, please contact the Internal Ombudsman Department on 1300 883 699.  

  • Section 21 of the RTI Act requires Council to have in place a Publication Scheme.  The purpose of this is to present a consolidated, user-friendly, comprehensive overview of Council's organisation, its relationship to the community and the various avenues for public access to Council's administrative and political processes. Our Publication Scheme helps you find information which is routinely published by Council. In most cases, this information is available online and can be access directly from the Publication Scheme.
  • Our Disclosure log - released Right to Information requests. In our disclosure log, you will find details of non-personal information released under the Right to Information Act 2009.
  • Other areas of our website. Can't find what you are looking for on our website? Try using our search function located at the top of the left hand menu or try using our advanced search.

  • Contact Us
    Contact us if the information is not readily available. We'll help determine if Council holds and can release the information. You may be required to complete a RTI application form to access it.  

  • Right to Information and Information Privacy Applications
    Submit a Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application. if you need to make a formal RTI request.

Need to know more about  Right to Information or Information Privacy?

You can find more about the Right to Information on the Queensland Government’s website.

You can find more about Information Privacy on the Queensland Government’s website.

Information on applying for Access to Council Information

Visit the Right to Information and Information Privacy Applications page for more information about:

  • Applying for access
  • Fees and charges
  • Personal information
  • Evidence of identity
  • Timelines for RTI & IP Applications
  • Exemptions
  • Amendments to personal information

What if I'm not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with any decision about your application, you have a right to ask for a review.

For instance, you may have been refused access to a whole or part of a document, refused an amendment, or perhaps you are concerned that your personal or business information will be disclosed to someone else.

You have the options of applying for an:

Internal Review: A person more senior to the original decision-maker will review your application and inform you of the review decision within 20 business days, including reasons as to why the original decision is affirmed, modified or overturned.

External Review: You can also write to the Information Commission and apply for an external review.  The Commissioner may change or confirm the decision made on your RTI or IP application or try to mediate a settlement between the parties.