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Community & Environment

MD-7-454 Abandoned Vehicles Fact Sheet 21-Sep-15 29-Aug-17 Download PDF
MP-4-055 Accommodation Facility - Bed Bug Management Plan Guideline 27-May-15 06-May-18 Download PDF
MD-7-418 Aviation Charges
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05-Aug-16 05-Aug-17 Download PDF
MD-7-467 Barking Dog - Fact Sheet 21-Mar-14 25-Feb-17 Download PDF
MD-7-444 Biting Midge - Fact Sheet 11-Dec-13 17-Nov-16 Download PDF
MD-7-620 Blue Green Algae Fact Sheet 18-Nov-15 18-Oct-18 Download PDF
MD-7-440 BRC Recycling Calendar
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05-Jul-16 05-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-7-637 Bundaberg Holiday Park Customer Service Standards 22-Mar-16 22-Mar-17 Download PDF
MD-7-630 Burnett Heads Holiday Park - Park Rules 24-Feb-16 23-Feb-17 Download PDF
MD-7-546 Client Guidelines For Using Yard Maintenance Vouchers 23-Jun-16 23-Jun-17 Download PDF
MD-7-503 Community and Environmental Services - Fact Sheet - Guide to Handling and Disposing of Household Asbestos 08-Jul-16 07-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-7-453 Community Grant Program - Application Kit Guidelines
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22-Jan-16 22-Jan-17 Download PDF
MD-7-625 Community Grants Program - Acknowledging Funding Support
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13-Jan-16 13-Jan-17 Download PDF
MD-7-537 Community Housing Final Inspection Guide and Checklist 18-Nov-14 05-Jan-18 Download PDF
MD-7-667 Cultural Facilities Volunteer Program Information
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07-Dec-16 07-Dec-17 Download PDF
MD-7-668 Cultural Facilities Volunteer Site Specific Position Descriptions - Galleries
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07-Dec-16 07-Dec-17 Download PDF
MD-7-218 Dengue Mosquito Pest Control Advice -Trifold Brochure - Vector 28-Aug-12 22-Jun-17 Download PDF
MD-7-338 Don't Get Bitten - Mosquito Brochure or Corflute Sign 25-Feb-13 18-Feb-18 Download PDF
MD-7-487 Eat Safe - Let Your Stars Shine A5 Brochure - Email version 25-Jun-14 26-May-17 Download PDF
MD-7-488 Eat Safe - Let Your Stars Shine A5 Brochure - Print Version 25-Jun-14 05-Jun-17 Download PDF
MD-7-219 Election Signs - Council Guidelines
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08-Jan-16 08-Jan-20 Download PDF
MD-7-631 Elliott Heads Holiday Park - Park Rules 17-Mar-16 17-Mar-17 Download PDF
MD-7-447 Enforcement Guide for Illegal Food Premise 06-Jan-14 16-Dec-18 Download PDF
MD-7-500 Environmental Health Services Food Fact Sheet - Domestic Kitchens 06-Aug-14 09-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-3-003 Environmental Policy Statement 21-Sep-16 21-Sep-20 Download PDF
MD-7-678 Event Management Information Kit 23-Dec-16 23-Dec-17 Download PDF
MD-7-221 Fact Sheet - Backyard Burning 04-Feb-15 18-Oct-18 Download PDF
MD-7-425 Fact Sheet: Local Government Workers 17-Sep-14 29-Aug-18 Download PDF
MD-7-461 Fact Sheet - Nuisance Visual Pollution 27-Feb-14 25-Feb-17 Download PDF
MD-7-223 Fact Sheet - Pandanus Dieback 05-Mar-12 26-May-17 Download PDF
MD-7-578 Fact Sheet - Rats & Mice 26-May-15 05-Jul-18 Download PDF
MD-7-021 Fact Sheet - Red Disability Parking Permit Holders 03-Oct-14 03-Oct-15 Download PDF
MD-7-570 Factsheet- Roadside Vending 29-Apr-15 23-Mar-18 Download PDF
MD-6-013 Fact Sheet - Temporary Food Stall Guidelines 19-Aug-14 20-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-7-579 Fact Sheet - Toilet Facilites at Events 26-May-15 05-Jul-18 Download PDF
MD-7-456 Fact Sheet - Vehicles for Sale on Council Controlled Land 21-Sep-15 29-Aug-18 Download PDF
MD-7-535 Fact Sheet - Waste in a Food Business 28-Oct-14 01-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-408 Fauna Friendly Fencing Fact Sheet 01-May-13 05-Jul-18 Download PDF
MD-7-407 Food Hygiene Courses Schedule 2016 05-Jan-16 05-Jan-17 Download PDF
MD-7-417 Food Premises - Cleaning & Sanitising 01-Aug-13 27-Jun-18 Download PDF
MD-7-296 Food Premises - Design, construction and fit-out guide 29-Aug-12 27-Jun-17 Download PDF
MD-7-585 Function Conditions - 18th and 21st birthday parties 25-Nov-16 25-Nov-17 Download PDF
MD-7-475 Healthy Choices Catering Guidelines 09-Jul-15 09-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-7-640 Illegal Dumping & Littering Fact Sheet 22-Mar-16 22-Mar-17 Download PDF
MD-7-127 Isis Outside School Hours Care: Information Brochure for families 18-Oct-16 18-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-483 Kolan Community Options Service Information Brochure 14-May-14 14-May-16 Download PDF
MD-7-484 Kolan Community Options Social and Respite Program Brochure 15-Oct-14 26-Apr-18 Download PDF
MP-4-030 Local Disaster Management Plan
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28-Jul-16 28-Jul-17 Download PDF
MP-4-044 Local Disaster Management Plan Sub-Plan M - Recovery Group Implementation Plan
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28-Jul-16 28-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-7-634 Miara Holiday Park - Long Term Holiday Stay Park Rules 24-Feb-16 23-Feb-17 Download PDF
MD-7-633 Miara Holiday Park - Visitor Park Rules 24-Feb-16 23-Feb-17 Download PDF
MD-7-595 Micro Grant - Acknowledging Funding Support
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13-Jan-16 13-Jan-17 Download PDF
MD-7-116 Moncrieff Entertainment Centre - House Policy Public Version 05-Sep-16 05-Sep-17 Download PDF
MD-7-545 Moncrieff Entertainment Centre - Presenter Information 07-Jan-15 23-Dec-17 Download PDF
MD-7-124 Moncrieff Entertainment Centre Terms and Conditions of Sale 20-Sep-16 20-Sep-17 Download PDF
MD-7-632 Moore Park Beach Holiday Park - Park Rules 24-Feb-16 23-Feb-17 Download PDF
MD-7-501 Noise Management for Outdoor Event - Noise Management Plan Guideline
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06-Aug-14 05-Jul-18 Download PDF
MD-6-016 Noise Nuisance - General Fact Sheet 22-Jul-13 20-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-7-332 Our Aristic Spirit - Public Art Brochure 21-Jan-13 18-Dec-17 Download PDF
MD-7-420 Overgrown Properties Fact Sheet 02-Aug-13 27-Jun-18 Download PDF
MD-7-626 Ovitraps: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 19-Jan-16 18-Jan-17 Download PDF
MD-7-670 RADF 2016-2017 Guidelines 09-Dec-16 09-Dec-17 Download PDF
MD-7-416 Rainwater storage and mosquito breeding fact sheet 11-Aug-16 09-Aug-17 Download PDF
MD-7-594 Registered Training Organisation - FSS courses 25-Aug-15 26-Jul-18 Download PDF
MD-7-538 Seniors Housing Emergency Contact and Responsive Maintenance Obligations 18-Nov-14 05-Jan-18 Download PDF
MD-7-492 Sport Championship Funding Program Application Kit Guidelines
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07-Jul-14 23-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-7-449 Ten Tips for Cleaning Up after a Bushfire 06-Jan-14 23-Nov-18 Download PDF
MD-7-450 Ten Tips for Cleaning up after a Cyclone 06-Jan-14 23-Nov-18 Download PDF
MD-7-541 Ten Tips for Cleaning up after Flooding 02-Dec-14 05-Jul-18 Download PDF
MD-7-593 Thermometer Calibration 25-Aug-15 01-Aug-18 Download PDF
MD-7-580 Umbrella Safety 02-Jun-15 27-Jun-17 Download PDF
MD-7-554 Waste & Recycling General FAQ's 16-Mar-15 23-Feb-18 Download PDF
MD-7-581 Waste & Recycling Services - 2015/2016 Fees & Charges FAQ's 14-Jul-15 03-Jul-16 Download PDF
MD-7-493 Waste & Recycling Services - Factsheet - 2016/2017 Waste Disposal Fees (Domestic & Commercial) 07-Dec-16 01-Sep-17 Download PDF
MD-7-548 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - Can Do Can't Do Flyer 12-Oct-16 12-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-559 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - Composting & Reducing Organic Waste 23-Oct-15 07-Aug-17 Download PDF
MD-7-602 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - EFFECTIVE 1 DEC 2015 - Facility Hours & Acceptance of Waste 29-Sep-16 29-Sep-17 Download PDF
MD-7-507 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - Green Waste Disposal
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16-Sep-15 09-Sep-17 Download PDF
MD-7-601 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - Guide to Disposal of Agricultural Plastics 08-Nov-16 08-Nov-17 Download PDF
MD-7-409 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - Mulch Information 16-Sep-15 04-Oct-18 Download PDF
MD-7-571 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - Promotional Shirts & Hats 29-Apr-15 29-Mar-17 Download PDF
MD-7-608 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - Qunaba WMF Site Map & Info 04-Jan-16 04-Jan-17 Download PDF
MD-7-589 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - Reggies Top Recycling Tips 29-Sep-16 29-Sep-17 Download PDF
MD-7-590 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - Safe Disposal of Sharps Community Information 06-Dec-16 06-Dec-17 Download PDF
MD-7-543 Waste & Recycling Services - Fact Sheet - Waste Collection Service (updated Jan 2015) 16-Sep-15 01-Sep-18 Download PDF
MD-7-441 Waste & Recycling Services - Recycled Goods Disclaimer 11-Oct-16 06-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-592 Waste & Recycling Services - Waste Charges Comparison 2016/2017 - FACTSHEET 04-Aug-16 04-Aug-17 Download PDF

Infrastructure & Planning Services

MD-7-206 Building Over Sewers Policy Appendix 6 - Cost Sharing Arrangements 31-Oct-11 31-Oct-12 Download PDF
MD-7-240 Bulk Water - Terms and Conditions
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19-Jul-16 19-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-7-604 Decommissioning On-Site Sewerage Treatment System Fact Sheet 08-Oct-15 10-Oct-18 Download PDF
MD-7-638 Factsheet: Farm Buildings 21-Mar-16 21-Mar-17 Download PDF
MD-7-482 Factsheet: Fast Tracking Low Risk Applications 13-Oct-15 13-Oct-16 Download PDF
MD-7-469 Factsheet: Making a Submission 25-Mar-14 13-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-470 Factsheet: Planning and Development Certificates 25-Mar-14 13-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-471 Factsheet: Pre-Lodgement Meetings 25-Mar-14 13-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-485 Factsheet: Short-term Accommodation and Non-resident Worker Accommodation 28-Jun-16 28-Jun-17 Download PDF
MD-7-472 Factsheet: Types of Development Applications 25-Mar-14 13-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-231 Multi Modal Pathway Strategy - Connecting our Region (February 2012) 20-Mar-12 17-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-536 On-Site Sewerage Facilities Fact Sheet 07-Nov-14 03-Nov-17 Download PDF
MD-7-605 Overflow Relief Gullies Fact Sheet 16-Nov-16 16-Nov-17 Download PDF
MD-7-452 Reddan Street Ferric Chloride Dosing Station - Manifest for Hazardous Chemicals 17-Jan-14 27-Jan-17 Download PDF
MD-7-607 Sewer Blockage from Trees Fact Sheet 08-Oct-15 10-Oct-18 Download PDF
MD-7-606 Sewer Blockages Fact Sheet 08-Oct-15 10-Oct-18 Download PDF
MD-7-451 Stormwater on Your Property 28-Sep-15 23-Nov-17 Download PDF
MP-4-051 Trade Waste Management Plan
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01-Dec-16 01-Dec-17 Download PDF
MD-6-014 Water & Wastewater Customer Charter
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16-Apr-15 17-Mar-17 Download PDF
MD-6-017 Water & Wastewater Customer Service Standards
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17-Mar-16 17-Mar-17 Download PDF

Organisational Services

RG-7-022 2016/2017 Fees and Charges Register - Website Version
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18-Jan-17 18-Jan-18 Download PDF
MD-7-582 2016/2017 Rates Flyer 12-Jul-16 12-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-8-001 Annual Internal Audit Plan 26-Jul-16 26-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-8-003 Bundaberg Regional Council Audit and Risk Committee Charter
See also:
26-Jul-16 26-Jul-17 Download PDF
MD-4-002 Bundaberg Regional Council Caretaker Period Protocol 29-Oct-15 07-Nov-20 Download PDF
MD-7-560 Bundaberg Regional Council Revised 2016 - 2017 Operational Plan 03-Aug-16 03-Aug-17 Download PDF
MD-6-018 Community Engagement Guidelines 02-Nov-15 30-Oct-16 Download PDF
MD-7-201 Corporate Plan 2014-2019
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15-Aug-16 15-Aug-17 Download PDF
RG-7-029 Corporate Risk Register (2014-2016) 20-Oct-14 24-Sep-16 Download PDF
MD-6-003 Customer Service Charter Brochure 28-Aug-12 23-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-466 Doing Business with Bundaberg Regional Council - A Guide for Suppliers and Contractors
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24-Sep-14 24-Sep-15 Download PDF
MD-7-015 Emergency Immediate Actions - Civic Arcade Building 02-Sep-13 30-Oct-17 Download PDF
MD-7-506 Guidlines for Tenure (Leasing of Community Land)
See also:
24-Aug-15 24-Aug-16 Download PDF
MD-7-016 Information and Communication Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2016 15-Jul-14 22-Sep-16 Download PDF
MD-8-005 Internal Audit Strategic Audit Plan 28-Jun-16 28-Jun-17 Download PDF
MD-7-118 Non-Current Assets Componentisation and Useful Lives 08-Sep-16 08-Sep-17 Download PDF
MD-7-398 Privacy Statement 25-Jul-16 25-Jul-18 Download PDF
MD-7-457 Purchasing Terms and Conditions 18-May-16 18-May-17 Download PDF
RG-1-001 Register of Delegations - Bundaberg Regional Council to Chief Executive Officer 04-Feb-16 04-Feb-17 Download PDF
RG-1-002 Register of Delegations - Chief Executive Officer to Employee or Contractor of Council
See also:
22-Dec-14 29-Oct-15 Download PDF
MD-7-682 Safety Definitions 17-Jan-17 17-Jan-18 Download PDF
MD-7-588 Temporary Furniture Structure Guideline 29-Jun-15 01-Jul-18 Download PDF