Budget 2016 / 2017

Council adopted its 2016/2017 Budget at a Special Meeting held 1 July 2016.

Mayor's Speech Operational Plan
Mayor's Budget Speech [103kb] 2016/2017 Operational Plan [900kb]

Budget Report
Budget Report 2016/2017 [1.9mb]
The budget report has been broken down into a number of documents to make for easier viewing, downloading and printing if required.
Mayor's Message [193kb] Schedule of Future Borrowings [259kb]
Significant 2016/2017 Budget Points, Financial Statements & Budget at a glance [915kb] Investment Policy [308kb]
Budget Statements [203kb] National Competition Policy [94kb]

Revenue Policy [253kb]
Adopted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting held 17 May 2016

Long Term Financial Forecasts [207kb]
Revenue Statement [501kb] Significant Business Activities [85kb]
Rates & Charges [443kb] Financial Sustainability Ratios [77kb]
Debt Policy [248kb]

Differential Rating [1.5mb - A3 size] Declared Service Area Water Area [12mb - A3 size]
Declared Service Area Sewerage Area [2.5mb - A3 size] Reduced Service Area Water - Burnett Downs [61kb - A3 size]
Declared Service Area Waste [16mb - A3 size] Reduced Service Area Water - Sylvan Downs [51kb - A3 size]

Fact Sheet / Information
2016/2017 Budget Fact Sheet [400kb]

Media Releases
01 July 2016 - 2016-17 Budget Overview: Councillors Highlight Commitments
01 July 2016 - Council Comfortable with Current Future Debt Position
30 June 2016 - Budget vital in providing Local Business Stimulus
29 June 2016 - Landmark Budget to Define Future of the Bundaberg Region
28 June 2016 - Capital Expenditure a Budget Winner across the Region