Budget 2015 / 2016

Council adopted its 2015-2016 Budget at a Special Meeting held 2 June 2015.

Mayor's Speech Operational Plan
Mayor's Budget Speech [185kb] 2015-2016 Operational Plan [1.5mb]

Budget Report
Budget Report 2015-2016 [1.5mb]
The budget report has been broken down into a number of documents to make for easier viewing, downloading and printing if required.
Mayor's Message [128kb] Schedule of Future Borrowings [78kb]
Budget Highlights [129kb] Investment Policy [141kb]
Budget Alignment [855kb] National Competition Policy [139kb]
Legislative Requirements [130kb] Long Term Financial Forecasts [88kb]
Budget Statements [92kb] Significant Business Activities [82kb]
Revenue Statement [224kb] Financial Sustainability Ratios [74kb]
Rates & Charges [198kb] Revenue Policy [80kb]
Adopted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting held 7 April 2015
Debt Policy [128kb]  

Differential Rating [1.7mb - A3 size] Declared Service Area Water Area [2.8mb - A3 size]
Declared Service Area Sewerage Area [2.3mb - A3 size] Reduced Service Area Water - Sylvan Woods [52kb - A3 size]
Declared Service Area Waste [20mb - A3 size] Reduced Service Area Water - Burnett Downs [60kb - A3 size]

Fact Sheet / Information
2015-2016 Budget Fact Sheet [300kb]

Media Releases
27 May 2015 - Mayor happy with challenging Budget to be delivered 2 June 2015 - Budget maintains focus on delivery of great community outcomes
29 May 2015 - Waste, recycling builds on environmental record 2 June 2015 - Childers Streetscape receives $700,000 boost
29 May 2015 - Budget vote of $440,000 provides upgrades to parks and amenities 2 June 2015 - Council continues to roll out information technology program
29 May 2015 - Popular beachside park set for redevelopment 2 June 2015 - Mayor claims Council delivers "A Budget for the times"
29 May 2015 - Growth hub at Port attracts Council infrastructure funding 2 June 2015 - Regional roads, drainage receives significant Budget allocations
29 May 2015 - Budget funds to help roll out region wide CCTV cameras 2 June 2015 - Infrastructure proposals will drive development locally
29 May 2015 - Wireless tracking system a library Budget initiative 3 June 2015 - Council commits $37 million to new infrastructure at Rubyanna
29 May 2015 - Weevils and walking trails attract Budget funding 3 June 2015 - Gin Gin secures project funding of $1.3 million