Budget 2013 / 2014

Council adopted its 2013-2014 budget at a Special Meeting held 26 June 2013. 

Mayor's Speech

Mayor's Budget Speech [270kb]

Operational Plan

2013-2014 Operational Plan [349kb]

Budget Report

Budget Report 2013-2014 [3.23mb]

The budget report has been broken down into a number of documents to make for easier viewing, downloading and printing if required.

Mayor's Message [89kb]

Budget Highlights & Alignment [645kb]

Legislative Requirements [98kb]

Budget Statements [128kb]

Revenue Statement [412kb] 

Rates & Charges [223kb]

Debt Policy [116kb]

Investment Policy [118kb]

National Competition Policy [103kb]

Long Term Financial Forecasts [159kb]

Significant Business Activities [122kb]

Financial Sustainability Ratios [90kb]

Revenue Policy [65kb] Adopted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting held 21 May 2013


Differential Rating Maps [1.45mb - A3 size]

Declared Service Area Sewerage Area Maps [2.1mb - A3 size]

Declared Service Area Water Area Maps [2.69mb - A3 size]

Fact Sheet / Information

2013-2014 Budget Fact Sheet [524kb]

Roads & Drainage Allocation 2013-2014 [34kb]

Media Releases

Massive works program drives 5.96% rate rise [125kb]

Airport development remains a Council priority [121kb]

Council looks to ramp up its own technology [136kb]

Huge Council investment in water & sewerage [120kb]

Keeping track of waste collection [179kb]

New floodgates for Money's Creek in Council budget [121kb]

Push for increased awareness of Council facilities [121kb]

Unified Planning Scheme a Council goal [123kb]

Zoo & Pound benefit through budget funding [121kb]

Community Services a renewed focus in 2013/14 budget [267kb]

Flood recovery a huge slice of record roadworks budget [250kb]