Budget 2011 / 2012

Council adopted its 2011/2012 Budget at a Special Meeting held 14 July 2011.

Mayor's Speech

Mayor's Budget Speech

Budget Report

Budget 2011-2012 [8mb]

The Budget Report has been broken down into a number of documents to make for easier viewing, downloading and printing if required.

Mayor's message & Budget Highlights [250kb]  

Budget Analysis [151kb]

Budget & Rating Requirements [114kb] 

Budget Statements [58kb]

Long Term Financial Forecasts [59kb]

Significant Business Activities [51kb]

Financial Sustainability Ratios  [56kb]

Rates & Charges [130kb] 

Annual Operational Plan [181kb]

Budget Policies                                           

Revenue Statement [708kb]                                         

Debt Policy  [64kb]                                                              

National Competition Policy [708kb]                             

Rating Maps

Differential Rating Maps [1.4mb - A3 size] 

Declared Sewerage Area Maps [14mb - A3 size]  [Updated 15 July]

Declared Water Area Maps [4.3mb - A3 size]  [Updated 15 July]

Budget Fact Sheet

Budget Fact Sheet [581kb]

Cost-Recovery & Commercial Fees & Charges 

Cost-Recovery & Commercial Charges [1.81mb]

Media Releases

Budget 2011-2012: Planning & Delivery for the Future [79kb]

Community Services Highlighted in Budget [64kb]

Council continues to absorb impacts of Subsidy Withdrawal [60kb]

Disaster Management and Governance Highlights [59kb]

Parks & Foreshores a Priority [64kb]

Natural Resources a Priority [63kb]

Planning & Development Plans for Future [69kb]

Roads & Drainage Infrastructure Top Priority [67kb]

Social & Recreation Facilities Benefit from Budget [62kb]

Major Water & Wastewater Infrastructure on way [66kb]

Focus on Waste & Recycling Services [65kb]