Budget 2010 / 2011

Council adopted its 2010/2011 Budget at a Special Meeting held 21 July 2010.

Mayor's Speech

Mayor's Budget Speech [65kb]

Budget Report

Budget Report 2010-2011 [2.6mb]

The Budget Report has been broken down into a number of document to make for easier viewing, downloading and printing if required.

Mayor's message & Budget highlights [318kb]  

Budget analysis [148kb]

Budget & Rating requirements [129kb] 

Budget statements [582kb]

Financial forecasts [443kb]

Significant business activities [78kb]

Financial sustainability ratios  [66kb]

Rates & Charges [127kb] 

Annual Operational Plan [359kb]

Budget Policies                                               Rating Maps

Revenue Statement [148kb]                                              Differential Rating Maps [1.1mb] 

Debt Policy  [78kb]                                                               Declared Sewerage Area Maps [2.13mb]

National Competition Policy [266kb]                                Declared Water Area Maps [3.23mb]

Budget Fact Sheet

Budget Fact Sheet [769kb]

Cost-Recovery & Non-Regulatory Charges (Fees & Charges

Cost-Recovery & Non-Regulatory Charges [473kb]

Media Releases

Building a strong base for future growth [78kb]                Focus on community and the arts [123kb]

Budget on track in tough times [109kb]                              Customer service and planning for the future [109kb]

Economic development a priority [109kb]                          Maintaining a healthy community [108kb]

Planning future growth [104kb]                                             Protecting our natural assets [114kb]

Water and wastewater work [108kb]                                    Focus on waste management [108kb]

Social and recreation facilities [125kb]                                Rate and debt comparisons with other Councils [55kb]

Transport infrastructure moves forward [130kb]