Budget 2009 / 2010


Council adopted its 09/10 budget at a Special Meeting held 14 July 09.

Mayor's Speech

Mayor's Speech [129.36kb]

Budget Report

This year, the Budget Report has been broken down into a number of documents to make for easier viewing, downloading and printing if required. 

Rates & Charges [166.94kb]

Financial forecast [37.71kb]

Operational Plan [176.90kb] 

Budget Policies

Rates Maps

Revenue Statement [21.7kb] Differential Rating Maps  [4.87mb]
Borrowing Policy [69.14kb]
Declared Water Area Maps [18.88mb]
National Competition Policy [82.05] Declared Sewerage Area Maps [9.21mb]


Budget Facts Sheet

Budget Fact Sheet  [770.36kb]

Fees & Charges

Regulatory Fees & Charges 09-10 [92.07kb]