FLOODS - Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan

Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan Results:

Council has secured $15.8 Million in State and Federal Government funding to deliver essential flood mitigation and restoration works in the North Bundaberg area. In partnership with Bundaberg Regional Council, funding will be used to design and construct a number of flood evacuation projects to help reduce the impacts of future flood events in the North Bundaberg area. These projects were identified through the development of the Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan in late 2013. The Plan is a culmination of an extensive scientific, engineering and community consultation process that was undertaken over a two year period. Council applied to the Queensland Government for $117,176,570 in funding for flood projects following outcomes of the Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan. Out of these applications, three flood evacuation routes were funded for North Bundaberg: Mount Perry Road (including Technology Park Flood Levee), Fairymead Road and Bartholdt Drive. The other mitigation projects including Millaquin Bend Widening and East Levee were not provided with funding. Click here to view a plan of the combined mitigation projects for North Bundaberg in a January 2013 - like event.

The fourth evacuation route is Bartholdt Drive, Branyan.



The delivery of the flood mitigation projects will have some impact on private property and the local community. Council will proactively consult with directly affected property owners and key stakeholders during the project's design phase which is expected to be completed by December 2014 and during construction in 2015.

Please direct any enquiries on the Evacuation Route projects to the Infrastructure & Planning Department of Bundaberg Regional Council on telephone 1300 883 699; or email your concerns to projects@bundaberg.qld.gov.au




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Millaquin Bend Flood Mitigation Proposal (submitted for funding)

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CRG Report to Council

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Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan Consultation Report
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GHD Options Assessment Report

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March 2014 Sessions:

Council held its second round of Community Information Sessions to update the community on the progress being made with the Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan and to consult with the community regarding the flood mitigation and resilience proposals put forward to the State Government for funding. During March, five sessions were held at venues in North Bundaberg, Bundaberg CBD and Wallaville. Over 200 residents attended the North Bundaberg sessions and some robust discussions were held with residents.

Information Sessions Presentations

The appointed Community Reference Group spokespersons, Rowan Bond and Jon Carman explained to the community how the CRG had filtered and assessed all 320+ projects collated from earlier consultation conducted in September/October, 2013 and how they formulated their recommended list submitted to Council in December for consideration. A copy of the CRG presentation is available here.

Flood consultants, GHD Engineering delivered a technical presentation on the selected flood mitigation and resilience projects. A copy of the GHD presentaton is available here.

September 2013 Sessions:

The first round of Community Information Sessions were held around the region at North Bundaberg, East Bundaberg, Avoca, South Kolan, Wallaville and Goodnight Scrub in 2013 to collate ideas from the community for flood resilience.

Information Sessions Presentations

Project Overview by Council's Manager Design Services, Dwayne Honor:

Flood Study and Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan Presentation by Flood Consultant, GHD

BRC BEHIND THE SCENES - Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan

Please note: Burnett River flood mapping and animations for the January 2013 flood event can now be found on the Burnett River Mapping page»