Aviation and Aerospace Precinct

Bundaberg Airport Masterplan 2016-2026

A draft masterplan detailing the long term vision for the Bundaberg Airport was available for community comment from Monday 23 May 2016
to Friday 17 June 2016.

The Bundaberg Regional Council developed a draft Bundaberg Airport Masterplan. The purpose of this master plan is to provide a
planning framework for the long-term protection of the airport to ensure it has sufficient infrastructure to support forecast movements within the period of
the master plan (10 years) and beyond.

In relation to the airport site itself, the key objectives of this Master Plan include:

  • Maintaining the ability for aircraft to operate safely and unrestricted;

  • Facilitating the ability for the airport to grow and expand in response to

  • Promoting the role of the airport and its significance as a community asset;

  • Providing for the airport to increase revenue, including through non-aviation development; 

  • Safeguarding of the airport's long term plans; 

  • Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations; 

  • Managing environmental and heritage constraints

Off-airport planning is a critical issue for the long term safeguarding of the airport and generally aims to minimise the potential encroachment of incompatible activities and development in the vicinity of the airport, particularly in terms of:  

  • aircraft noise impacts; 
  • intrusions into the protected operational airspace of the airport; 
  • distractions to pilots from lighting in the vicinity of the airport; 
  • wildlife strikes;  
  • building generated wind-shear and turbulence from nearby development; 
  • public safety; 
  • impacts on navigational aids

The Bundaberg Airport Masterplan 2016-2026 aims to foster and optimise aviation and commercial growth potential during the life of the
Plan, to integrate the best technical standards in airport design and development, along with maximising the business opportunities and revenue from
potential non-aeronautical partnership and investment.

Draft Airport Masterplan

Aviation and Aerospace Precinct

Capitalising on the aviation and aerospace industry base of the region, and complementing the recent upgrades to core Bundaberg Regional Airport infrastructure, Council is currently developing an industrial/commercial subdivision at the Aviation and Aerospace Precinct.  The proposed subdivision has detailed designs, with development approval pending. 

The subdivision consists of 34 lots totalling approximately 10.9 hectares with an average lot size of 3195 square metres.  The development aims to capatilise on the existing industry base of the region and further encourage aviation-related development and knowledge transfer to the region.  The proposed mised use of allotments with Airport Drive and Loop Road frontages for others.  Council is considering both leasehold and freehold sale of the proposed allotments.

The development of this land will provide the region with employment, skill enhancement, business development, global opportunites and technological advancements; and further develop the existing aviation and aerospace supply chain.  Construction and release of the land will be in stages to ensure expenditure is closely linked with sale revenue. 

Click here to find out more about the exciting new land release opportunities adjacent to Bundaberg's busy, regional airport. Whether you want airside or landside commercial blocks, these 5 current and 28 proposed lots are a must see!

For further details or other enquiries contact:

Mr Cameron Bisley
Manager, Commercial Business & Economic Development
Bundaberg Regional Council
Ph. (07) 4130 4003 or Mob. 0427 659 532
email cameron.bisley@bundaberg.qld.gov.au